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Mintai Perfume Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in 1996. It covers an area of 35 hectares and has more than 100 employees. Mintai is a professional company, committed to the R&D of feed quality improver. Company brings together the excellent domestic and international experts in the fields of animal nutrition, flavors and chemicals. Our aim is to provide more competitive products to feed companies by continuous innovations, and to be the No.1 brand of feed additive industry in China. Our products have covered the whole China, Asia, Africa, South America, etc.. Now Mintai has established a complete sales network to provide professional service to our clients.
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  • Animal Feed Flavor And Swee...


    Animal Feed Flavor and Sweetener have the potential to increase feed intake through fragrance attraction and feedpalatability.
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  • Fish Feed Flavor


    Fish Feed Flavor with fishy smell produced by Mintai can cover up all kinds of odors that animals don't like in feed, and greatly improve the palatability of feed.
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  • Feed Additive Preservatives...


    Mintai provide high quality feed additive preservative for fish feed, which could prevent the fish feed from damaged by mold growth. Mintai also provide customized service for our clients basing...
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  • Preservatives For Chicken Feed


    Mold can quickly deteriorate feed fat, reduce protein digestibility, seriously reduce the levels of lysine and arginine in feed, reduce feed metabolism, reduce animal weight gain, increase liver...
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  • Feed Acidifier For Cattle Feed


    Feed acidifier for cattle feed has one function of reducing acid binding to promote zymogen activation in the stomach. Feed acidifier could promote intestinal micro-ecological balance and prevent...
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  • Allicin Garlic Supplements ...


    Allicin Garlic Supplements for cattle feed can effectively prevent bovine enteritis and dysentery. Allicin garlic supplements has good effect on promoting growth, increasing the appetite of cattle...
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Mintai is a professional company, committed to the R&D of feed quality improver.

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